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With an outstanding background as a professional football coach and over 25 years of coaching experience, Chris Yena brings both his passion and his expertise to the pitch, helping you to Become the #9 - The Goal Getter 


Chris is a dynamic and self-actualising leader in the football arena. 


He draws on his distinctive brand of humour and refreshing down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to inspire his players.  

As a former professional footballer and current elite coach accredited by the Australian Sports Commission and Victorian Institute of Sport, Chris has taken his natural ability to inspire and motivate others into new territory with his goal scoring program - "Become the #9......The Goal Getter"

Ever the consummate professional, Chris is passionate about developing and enhancing the performance of his football players and their teams

Chris believes in focusing on individuals and behaviours rather than systems and formats to deliver the necessary results.


Tenacious in spirit and a perfectionist by nature, Chris is a high achiever who can be relied on to ‘get the job done’, no matter what the challenge. He strives to be the best of the best in his field (while still always having time for a laugh). 


Combining his talents for analysis and skillful problem-solving with a breadth of football vision, Chris works hard to continually deliver results for his Goal Getters.


He offers services as a dedicated striker and goal scoring coach

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