You've got to be at your peak for each and every game and identifying readiness to train, optimise recovery, and adapt your daily loads is critical to becoming the #9 - the Goal Getter


A key injury prevention tool

Sports science has shown that injuries occur more often when athletes train too hard or compete in a state of fatigue and that self-reported wellness questionnaire can be a reliable and accurate method to identify athletes’ readiness to train, and to measure the impact of non-sport stressors on the recovery process. 


As such, self-reported wellness feedback can be analyzed and interpreted into reliable predictors of risk, and poor wellness scores indicate potential psychological issues or physical under-recovery.


Maximise Readiness

Wellness monitoring helps coaches know how each athlete is responding to workload so they can easily:

  • Adjust daily loads proactively 

  • Prevent injuries and overtraining

  • Streamline injury recovery 

  • Detect and respond to issues quickly 


Track what matters streamlines wellness monitoring and track all crucial factors.

  • Sleep

  • Stress 

  • Fatigue

  • Mood

  • Soreness

  • Heart rate variability (needs extra app)

  • Neuromuscular recovery tests

  • And much more

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