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What it takes to become the #9

I've had the pleasure of working with many different style of Goal Getter's, most of them are nice guys off the park but when they get onto the pitch they have a very narrow and specific focus - they become the #9

For me there is a common theme and set of traits across all great goal getters in football, they are

  • relentless in their pursuit of goals

  • a strong desire for success

  • self confident - event arrogant (ego-esk) maybe at times, and 

  • very single minded (determined)

The traditional "English" centre-forward was tall, strong and brave and an excellent header of the ball. His main job was to score goals and act as a focal point for the attack, often playing with his back to goal he would hold the ball up and the lay it off to play in his team-mates  

When not scoring himself, the #9 played an important role by dominating central space and occupying defenders. 

The heyday of the traditional English #9 was in the 1960's and '70's 

In todays modern game with its may different formats and tika-taka styles of play, this has caused the #9's role to change significantly. in many cases the #9 now operates as a lone striker with a greater emphasis on taking the rare goal scoring opportunities that get created. 

The #9's attributes today require them to have

  • Speed

  • Agility

  • Quick Feet

rather than just being physically strong enough to hold the ball

Its a challenging role being a #9 in the modern game.

Are you ready to "become the #9, The Goal Getter"?

Some of my favourite "past" #9's

Alan Shearer Paulo Rossi Gary Lineker Ronaldo


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